Master bone animation + rotations points.

I’ve encountered two problems regarding animating, and I’d really appreciate anyone who could share their wisdom on the matter.

  1. I’m having trouble understanding the use of the master bone in animations; if my first frame sees the masterbone on the ground and the last frame sees the masterbone up higher - and the hand needs to be holding on to a static railing in order for the character to pull himself up to the higher position in the last frame - how do I keep the hand in position wrapped around the railing, when the movement of the masterbone between the first and last frames, means that the hand is moved relative to the master bone? That is, the hand doesn’t stay in place since the masterbone moves the entire rig…

This is an animation to transition between two states, so I’ve copied the keyframe from the first state for the first frame, and copied the keyframe from the destination state for the last frame. The masterbone needs to move into the new position by the last frame… doesn’t it?

  1. How do I dictate around which point the rig should rotate? If I need my rig to be spun about the torso - turned upside down - and I log keyframes for each half or even quarter of the rotation… the frames between these stray from rotating around the singular point. The rig ends up making strange, elliptical movements rather than a clean rotation about a fixed point. Is there any means of dictating the point around which the rig must rotate, without logging keyframes for every single frame just to keep it in a clean rotation?

I’m not absolutely sure but I don’t think the master bone is used in animation. I use the master bone to move the character in game or to position them in a scene but that is about it. If you want to rotate a character around something they are holding on to, I would position my cursor to the center of the hand, change the rotation to cursor and choose what bones I needed to rotate them. I tried several ways to make this work assuming that like a gymnast, you want your toon to work on the parallel bars ( for example) and the best way I know of is to leave the master bone alone and select however many of the rigs bone that are needed to get a clean rotation.

That’s a fascinating suggestion; it seems to answer both questions in one! Thank you very much for the wisdom.