Master browsing and posting on blenderartists!

This topic is meant to give tips and tricks on useful hidden features of the Discourse implementation of this forum to have a better experience when exploring the website and posting in it. Feel free to add your tips (please focus on hidden features!)



Keyboard shortcuts

Discourse is full of keyboard shortcuts, some of which can improve your experience when browsing it. To Find them simply hit “?” anywhere (except when you’re typing text like I am)

Topic sorting

Topic listing

It’s a bit hidden but you can list all your tracked, watched or muted topics. Go in your Preferences, then in Categories and you’ll find “Show watched topics” and so on. Don’t ask me why they put it there, I don’t get it either:


Text formatting

in case you’re unaware, the text formatting and layout tool for this forum is a little language called Markdown. Learn how to use it with this cheatsheet.

Multiple images

When you have multiple images to show off, instead of adding full-size images one below the other, thus constraining us to scroll down through them, it may be better to put them in a condensed gallery of thumbnails that we can enlarge and navigate through with the ⇽ arrow keys ⇾. The motion is much less distracting.
How do you do that?
First, an example:
Click on any thumbnail and use the arrow keys to navigate between them:

Now, how to do it:
:warning: First off, your images have to be either above 690px in width or above 500px in height. The thumbnail generator doesn’t take smaller images into account and if no thumbnail is generated, the image only shows in the post (not in the slideshow, which may make people skip and miss that image). If your image happens to be smaller, you can enlarge it in Gimp or whatever to make it big enough to have a thumbnail generated, which I did for the first image of this demo gallery.

Now, that warning aside, here’s the text structure of the above mini-gallery:

![San Agustin\|166x180][1] ![Ramses 2\|288x180][2] ![Monument\|180x180][3] ![Moaï\|288x180][4] ![Bayon temple\|271x180][5]

[1]: upload://bRMXQ9bK5wUrX1UXUpYJ2rC7oco.jpg
[2]: upload://3iEktUW51jTb4h3bQh73VRtM3g4.jpg
[3]: upload://4h9y5NA8mTnlkeHpOP2xEArirPB.jpg
[4]: upload://icDRdwwiwP7yGzIQNRNG9R8pLTN.jpg
[5]: upload://c0X0waqMVcw3W989DqQrvfZQKHe.jpg

The main thing to note apart from the classic Markdown formatting is that you can specify the thumbnail dimensions that you want (ain’t that cool?) after the “|” within the [brackets] in the first line of code.
Be sure to respect the aspect ratio of the original image to prevent distortion. In my case I used my calculator to make sure they all have the same height to align properly.
Remember you don’t have to upload thumbnails, they are generated automatically!

:information_source: : if you encounter issues with the thumbnail generator or slideshow, have a look at this Discourse Meta topic. There are still a few bugs and weird features with extreme aspect ratios.


Nice post. The thumbnail thing is pretty cool. Should come in handy for the artwork section.

Another little gem is hotkeys, because we know how much Blender users love their hotkeys!
Shift + ? will bring up a list of them. You can pretty much use the site without ever touching your mouse.

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You’re right, I thought of mentioning it and somehow forgot. I added it at the top of the list.

I made the first post a wiki so anyone can edit it.


The cheatsheet doesn’t include everything, one thing of it is hiding walls of text when you create a post

This text block hides everything with only showing an arrow. this is done by putting the text within
[.details]your text here[/details] (remove the dot (.))

click the arrows to collapse.

click here or try it atleast

This text block hides everything and gives it a name. done by adding an = to the first detail block.
[.details = the text/title you like]The text that should be hidden here[/details] (remove the dot (.))

You can hide text inside the block as well, so that you can keep collapsing. simply put the details inside the details to add another arrow like this

more then 1 hide block

hide 1.

hide block within a hide block

number 2