Master Chief Helmet with more damage!

Hi everyone,
My name is Michel Hernandez from Sinaloa, Mexico. I just want to share with you a model in which I have been working for a couple of weeks in leisure time (4:00 am- 7:00 a.m. mainly: P). Do not do this professionally, I hope to have the opportunity to do someday, 3D is something that really excites me and I enjoy.

This is the helmet of Master Chief Halo series is not exactly the same but close.

1080p 60 fps!

The software I use:
Blender (modeling, UV, Bake, Rendering, Compositing, Video Editing).
Zbrush (Sculpt and Decimation).
Quixel / Photoshop / GIMP (Texturing)
Music “Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release]”

As you can see Blender is my main application and my favorite tool since I first use. All in one.

Greetings, I hope you like it!