Master Chief Model for Sale

Here is a model of Master Chief.

The model is fully textured and UV unwrapped.


The model is available for purchase and is priced at a low $14.99.

The link to buy is here:

Enjoy :).

I expect that to last just about as long as it takes Turbosquid to realize that you’re ripping off another company’s intellectual property for your own monetary gain.

Hm, how often does something like this happen? If that was the case, then care to explain the difference from this and using other IP on the street, aomeoni?

English much ?

Really nice model man :smiley: Keep up the good work!

Wow… actually… ya know what… I just had a look at Turbo Squid. It’s full of misappropriated IP.
Seem they don’t give a good goddamn whose work is stolen.