Master Chief plays Wii

I am modelling this scene for a competition on another forum to win a Wii. The challenge was to make an image that shows a gaming character playing the Wii. I grabbed a couple models off of turbosquid. They needed a lot of love, but I got them this far. I suck at texture mapping, so I have simply used vertex painting with some nor maps to get some textures on the characters. If anyone has some suggestions on additions I could make to the scene or some helpful procedural textures to apply to the meshes, I might make that happen. I am starting to get worn out on it, so I don’t know how much more I will do.

Anyways, just thought it’d be ironic to see MC playing Mario:

that a nice entertainment system hes got there.

I guess you get paid pretty good for saving the earth.

Haha… yup. I actually did the theater model for a customer of mine… it will be built in real life. So, I had that sitting around. I tweaked the screen image and size, added in some Halo models from turbosquid with some rather poorly done texturing and modelling to get them seated and set up the proper camera angle. I also swapped out that carpet. I spent about a day on it making all the tweaks. If it nabs me a Wii, it was worth it.

wheres this contest taking place?

nice. easy win for sure. what about a thin layer of “glass” ie transparent reflective material over the screen? might make it a little more realistic although I guess that’s not what you’re going for…

Actually, the screen is a projection screen from a projector. They don’t have glass, so it would make it less realistic. Thanks for the thoughts though.

The contest is taking place on the IGN forums.

I was trying to add some motion blur to Master chief’s arm. I animated his arm to move from frame 5-15. Then, I set the current frame to 10 and turned on MBLUR. I did not change the default blur setting. It’s been rendering ever since. Is this how I do MBLUR? You think it’s going to work? I’ve never tried it before…

Motion blur worked but I shouldn’t use it for the image since the controller is now out of focus and that was to be a focal point of the image. Should planned ahead on that one. Anywho, if you wanna see it, here it is:

Latest update shows some games on the floor…

too much blur. looks like masterChiefbating. try doing it subtly in photoshop. might be cool if something gets in the way of the projector and casts a shadow, or if you could “see” the light volumetrically

you can do this by shining a light through a transparent colored plane with your mario texture in yafray, and setting transparent shadows on for the screen

I fully expect to get some playtime on your wii

This image is shaping up nicely.

I think you could come up with a more dynamic pose. The Wii is all about gesture-based gaming, so why not have him up off the couch, doing something more interesting with his body? At the moment there is very little in the composition that screams “fun” or “energetic”.

I think you have all the resources there - just play a little with the composition…

Some raymirror to objects i think, even if its just little. Would likely add realism. Also more brightness and some shadows. And only light could be what the projector makes so some blue and green and little red from screen towards other areas of scene. Light does noyt seem to come from where it supposed to in the scene.

Nice idea for contest entry.

Thanks for the comments guys. I like the idea of having MC be more dynamic. Unfortunately, the model came from 3ds and was not rigged properly. I had to munge some verts to get him seated. So, it’d be a lot of work to stand him up again and pose him differently. I’ll consider it though.

What objects should have Raymirror? Maybe MC’s armor? That might be cool.

The idea of having some projector light should be doable. I wouldn’t actually project the image… which I know is possible, but I could add some spots with halo effect turned on perhaps.


What objects should have Raymirror? Maybe MC’s armor? That might be cool.

Yep, MC´s armor. Also everything but carpet, curtain and fabric. And those which have reflectiveness should be more reflective the smoother the surfaces are and depending on things like if wood has varnish. hmm. I will shut up since i am not sure, but i do think if you set some reflectiveness to everything but the “fabrics” the render result will show which objects should have reflectiness and which more which less…

I tried going a slightly different route tonight. Any thoughts? Better? Worse?

I think it was funnier when he was playing Mario Galaxy. Master Chief playing Metroid doesn’t have the same level of contrast.

I agree. People keep pushing me to switch to Metroid on another forum. I think I’ll switch back.

Although, I think losing the grunt made for a cleaner, more focused image. Anyone agree?

I liked the grunt, personally :wink:

Anyway, this is looking very good. I’d say make the MC’s armour a little shinier, if possible. It’d add a little detail to the not-fantastically-detailed armour model. No offence, of course :slight_smile:
Oh, and there seems to be a vertex out of place on the back of his head, right at the bottom of his helmet. Or I could just be seeing something else on his armour.

Anyway, I think Metroid is fine, it just suggests something different. Mario would make the image funnier.

That vertext was actually something on his armor. No offense taken. I didn’t model him. What do you guys think of this update?

Maybe you should have Mario’s hands in his lap, or on his legs, relaxed. That seems more his style.