Master Control - Remote Operator - State machine and MouseLook sytem Drag and Drop

1 . What is it?

A.Controller- > converts mouse movement and keypresses to properties, and sends them to a target object

B.Reciever -> collects properties from controller and converts them to mouse control and keyboard contols

Why is it useful?

A.You could drag and drop a actor in a scene, then set his name as the target in the controller,
“Player” would be a object named Player.

B. You can re-target the controller to another actor in the game in real time or vehicle

C. It’s a Finite state machine

D. To make your own library of Character motion types, that can be used in many projects.

E. With a universal control scheme, this will allow us to share actors, vehicles, and rigs.


ControllerRecieverTemplate.blend (547 KB)


SimpleControlPortal.blend (462 KB)