Master of Puppets

I decided to try to make a 3d image of the cover for Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’
I’ve got the basic layout figured out. I know the grass looks awful, but I’ll try to work on that


I think the main centre piece of the crosses need to be slightly thicker (im looking at the album cover as i type this, and the song has just come on my itunes, wow thats a coincidence) Love the idea. MASTER… MASTER … MASTER OF PUPPETS AND I’M PULLING THE STRINGS!!

Don’t have a sleeve for reference, but just on first impressions, it’s pretty nice. The regularity of the crosses bothers me, even if it’s in the original. Good stuff though. The grass could be improved, but isn’t bad for a start.

changed the grass a lot, and added som curve guides to make it look more overgrown (I’ll have to see if I keep those) and added a background and some mist.

Also might someone try to explain what might cause that black stuff at the bottom of the image?

I added the fingers (I know they look horrible, I’ll try to do something about that) and some of the strings, still two lines left though.

Firstly looking pretty close to the original cover. I suggest making your camera 800x800 to make it square like an actual cover. Second increase the lighting brighten it up abit.

the crosses are lighter on the original, and start blurring into the background sooner. the metalica logo is also lighter, and textured

grass and bacground look good

changed the resolution to 800x800 (that was more work that I had expected. added the rest ot the strings (those were a real pain) and added some textures.

I guess the next step would be to try to make the fingers better and then make it seem like the strings are really attached to the fingers.
I was thinking of making many circles around the fingers so it would seen that the strings are tied around them.

Good stuff so far, I would sugges though that you make some of the strings longer, some of them are too straight to look natural (or to me they look fake anyway), and yeah work on the fingers, and it should be good :slight_smile:

Dont forget the helmet

I made the strings thinner, corrected some of the weird angles on them (some of the are actually pretty straight in the original too) and added a helmet.

I also tried to do something to the fingers on the right side, but I suck at any form of organic modelling, I think I’ll try to make them as good as I can and blend them into the background with a texture oslt.

Also, now I see that the entire image should be zoomed in more. Zooming in would be a lot of work with rearranging stuff, so I don’t know if I’ll do that.