here is my first attempt at a full body, hair, clothe modelling project. i plan on creating the low poly version in blender and taking it into zbrush then back to blender or the renders. crits are welcome


The cloth on his feet remove it and lower the other part of the clothing. And model the whole head. :wink:

like this?


it seems wrong without the cloth on his arms being baggy

Just like that.

billybob_003: hmm good point, thanks for pointing that out. ill correct that in my next update.



does he have gloves on or just no fingers yet?

also the new bagginess of his arms doesnt match the rest of the body, maybe slightly lessen how baggy the arms are

otherwise its a great model :smiley:

I think that the belt should be more pronounced and have a dangly bit (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called)
Are you after a more martial or spiritual look here? If spiritual, maybe have him levitating in the Lotus position

my 1/50 of a dollar, all of his clothes look too tight. Tight clothes=bad flexibility=cant kick. The uniform that i have is very baggy. If i can find the usb cable for my camra, il show you