Master Yoda

Hi! This is the work I’ve done pro contest Blender Guru “Movie Moments”

Hope you enjoy =)





Freaking awesome, that is. :wink:

Nice render it is…but see more of yoda i would like. Blur less it should…talk less like this i should o_O

Very well done.
It’s Yoda alright.

Movie moments. What a bad tasted contest.
Just saying, why not a figure from “M”? Fritz Lang’s masterpiece? Watch this movie, if not already.

really nice model and texture. I hope it’s ok if i give critics (since it’s finished projects).
so the model and texture looks awesome but the pose+composition+light weakens it (together)
so first the pose: I think it should feel more dynmic with force, even that yoda is an old small guy, his body should be tillted forward a bit, to feel his energy coming from the hand.

the connection of the lifting hand feels somehow wrong, as if he lifts his hand without the shoulder. I think that diagonal lines are important to this picture.
about the light there are too much burned spots in your image, i think it’s ok if you have a little bit of burned light but in one place which should be the focus of you image, which can be the hand or face, and have more attention to it (maybe even with more details and less blur)
right now what is sticking out in the image it’s what he is wearing under his coat, it’s totally contrasting the rest of the lighted image and looks sharper (less blured)
that’s my opinion :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys!

snot_nose, Good observations. I based on that same scene, I still had a good time working to improve that, but I was getting bored and decided to end soon and continue elsewhere. In the next contest I want to spend more time at work =)

i really like this render of yoda! fantastic job Ricardo 3D