Just finished. Modeled in Archicad, finalized in blender converted using blendigo rendered with indigo and adjusted with Violet.

comments welcome.

precise modelling, nice textures/materials and suerb modelling…the flares on the wash basins seems to be a bit overdone though…good work

Yeah… i agree with anuraag. The flares seem bit overdone. Also the glass door seem to have some surface trouble… looks buggy. Not sure tho if you ment it to be that way.

Nice work, I agree with the posters above about the flares, and also the glass door seems very thick

Glass door thickness is ok, and there is a leaf pattern relief on it.

Shouldnt there be handle on the glass door?

love it. ^^

it might be a door that swings both ways

There is a lock that opens a door a little when you gently push the door.

That is the caustic effect from the spots above the sinks:

and the night version:

the blue lights are awsome!

very beautifull bathroom cyb, the night version is awsome i agree…it also looks very peacefull…

the newest render you made was great, so was the night version