Masterchief's helmet

i decided to work on my uv texturing by attempting to make Masterchief’s helmet…it’s not close to being done, but tell me what you think so far :smiley:

If its for a game, its cool, but maybe to monotome color, but anyway if u just started with the uv texturing il say thats great :smiley: took me more that a day to figur out how it work :stuck_out_tongue: KUTGW dude

ok, im switching gears on you guys, because i am trying to accept the fact that i can NOT do UV textures. so i decided to make it high poly, and just use procedurals. C&C please

ooh very nice I really like the texture! Are you gonna model his body cause that would be so awesome (I love halo)

If you want I have the actual 3d model from the game incase you need some reference or if you wanna put the head you made on his “real” body.

thank you VulcanKid, and yes i am planning on making the body, and finishing the helmet. i would love if you could send me the model as a reference :smiley:

Here is the MasterChief Model from HALO PC