Mastering Blender: Second Edition by Tony Mullen Chapter 2 Smokestack Activity

Dear All,

I recently purchased Mastering Blender, the eBook, and have began Chapter 2. I am currently experiencing difficulty with the Smokestack activity. When I follow steps 1 through 4, I do not get the same Unwrap result as shown in Figure 2-8. These two screenshots provide the instructions for the Smokestack texture project: First Smokestack Instruction Screenshot and Second Smokestack Instruction Screenshot. This is a link to the Blender file of my result: Blender File Smokestack Attempt. This is a link to the screenshot file of my result: Screenshot File Smokestack Attempt. As you will notice, there are seven parts (versus Figure 2-8’s six) and also the smallest part is a closed circle (versus Figure 2-8’s semi-circle). I had gotten the result shown in the book on one attempt, however, I had missed a step and had to reattempt the activity and could not achieve the same result. Please, if possible, inform me of how to match Figure 2-8. I apologize for these questions, however I am facing some difficulty with this activity and would definitely appreciate your help. Thank you very much for your time and cooperation regarding this matter. I truly hope to hear from you soon.


Michael De Filippo