Mastering Blender

Hey you guys…the book “Mastering Blender” is finally released. I bought a pre-release copy and Amazon.Com said it shipped. It’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow. You can order your copy by going here:

The cost is about $38 but I’m told it’s worth it. I’ll give you a full report after I’ve read it.

Being as biased as one could be (expect for being author), I can tell you that the book really is worth your while :slight_smile:

/Nathan ‘tech editor’ Letwory

Oh its April :slight_smile: I’m about to order it :)!

I received my pre-ordered copy of Mastering Blender yesterday. I’d ordered it from Amazon about a month ago.

I’ve only had about half an hour to flip through it, but it really looks like a fantastic book! It’s definitely geared to the intermediate to advanced Blender users, as is pointed out repeatedly in the marketing materials.

I’m looking forward to blasting through this book cover-to-cover in the next week or so. Then if I have time I’ll go through it slower, take some notes, and write a full review.

Oh boy, there goes next months beer money - I just added this to my Amazon wishlist!

Maybe just this book, and cheap beer… hmm…

has it been spotted at borders yet?

Is this book made for 2.48 - 2.50. Why book, can I pay and download.???

“Mastering Blender” was written with Blender version 2.48 in mind. This book isn’t for the rank beginner like me. The author goes into Python Scripting and the Game Engine and Nodes and all kinds of stuff that went right over my head. I read the book in about four sittings and was interested in what he had to say but still I’m nowhere near ready to try this stuff. Maybe after I’ve been working for a while and have at least mastered Textures and Materials etc. I’ll try to do some of the things mentioned in his book.

It turns out that scripting isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. He makes it sound easy and demonstrates how to do things and provides the API ( on the CD that comes with the book ) and everything. I think I might be able to do some scripting things soon.

Mine is supposed to arrive on April 9. Can’t wait!

I will place my order shortly!

Same here, I would love to buy this book for the content, but I don’t wanna have to deal with the physical paper thing and the shipping. Is there any way I can buy and download?