Masters Of Karate- Fighting game team needed

hello, so iam making a fighting game the fighting gameplay is all set up ive got 2 characters. i got help from burnsblender.
i need python scripters, modelers, texturer, anyone who can do anything. here is a pic
one with subsurf and one with out

i want to add features to this game like character creation ( i can do it but i am stuck at adding the player into the game ), online and multiplayer.

this game is multitexture. by myself i could finish the game in a month and a week ( because of features and AI ) i started this game at the beginning of this year, i only worked on it for about 2 days then bursblender cleaned it up and added python. i started this game in 2.49 and im finishing it in 2.49. if you want a DL link PM me and ill post it as well as updates.
P.S with subsurf, the game slows down considerably.


hay i just notice this by fault of fate… and i’v too been making a fighting game… but im in the same position you are… i basically do what you are asking for… want to team up… 50/50 no both of our game… i fairly good at making characters and objects but im not all that good at scripting… so what do you say

Sure teaming up will be a good idea. PM me the details or post them here