matcap and textures at same time?

hello all, I have gotten textures to appear on model of a character in solid view mode.

I am modeling clothes and armor around the model and textures.

I know that I can assign materials and to individual faces so i am assuming that can extend to mat-caps.

Is their a way that i can view those materials in solid mode, so I can compare them with the textured character?

I would like to know where blender stores its mat-caps on my computer, so that i can expand that library with new mat-caps that i have obtained or made myself.

In the shading section of the menu that appears on the right side of the 3d view port i click the button next to “Mat-cap” an image of the currently selected or active mat-cap appears below that word and that mat-cap is applied to everything in the scene.

As a time saving feature for taking work in progress screenshots, is their a script or plugin that adds an “assign” button just above or below the image the mat-cap so anyone can quickly assign different mat-caps to different objects If not the individual faces of an object as these do appear in solid mode?

Sorry, I know this is an old thread; but I thought it might help others if I chime in.

You can find these textures if you download Blender’s source code. For instance, in the current release they are stored here:


Once you download these textures, you can use them in regular materials just like any other texture – you’ll need a special material setup for the Blender Engine and for Cycles; but it’s totally doable.