Matcap, Brushes and Sculpting thread

How about a thread for Sculpting? This would be a good place for Brushes, Matcaps, and Sculpting related things.

I’ll start things off with some of my favorite matcaps. All of these were self made in gimp from photos or from scratch. Red Wax is my favorite. It’s from a picture of a candle I took. Clay_flesh is a close second.

Here is the link to download free to use. Show it in use if you like it! :slight_smile:

Made a template .blend for making your own matcaps, only really spent a bit over an hour on this, I’ll continue to add different light set up and such for some other cool matcaps :wink:


Here is an example:

Hey, sorry this is probably a dumb question, but I don’t sculpt a lot.

What is a MatCap?

A material cap perhaps? What does that mean?


here is a tutorial link

Thank you! Sorry I didn’t look there first.