Matcap render setup in cycles

I’ve been trying to replicate a render setup(1) from this site, and so far I’ve been getting something else(2). Can anyone figure out what’s wrong with my setup.


.blend file


If you want to create a matcap material in cycles use

just a few notes…

-The tutorial in your link is not the best tutorial you can have.
its better to use hdr images for backgroung and global ilumination. You won’t be needing all those nodes in the world shader, and the illumination strength will be more realistic. (those nodes will not work good with other images, and they will just be part of the confusion).
Just set the Enviroment texture to ‘non-color’ when using hdr images, to let cycles use the true luminance value at each pixel.

-For matcaps, you don’t need too much. A good world and a simple shader is the way to go…

-which leads us to the next point: «Keep it simple». or better: «Keep It Stupidly Simple!» The reason is that cycles is already good in working with lights. Just tell how your material should work with lights and its done.

Try this and let me hnow how it goes

Edit: I guess I got the direction you want to go backwards! oops

No comments, but i get a quite similar result compared to source.

Eppo, could you kindly hand me your .blend file, I need to see compare the two to see what huge mistake I’ve made. I’m struggling with this for so long.

np, here you go

Eppo, thanks for the file. You’ve helped me a lot. Since I’m new to this cycles thing I’m gonna have to thinker around it and also the youtube videos regarding cycles engine to get more familiar with everything this engine has to offer. This is gonna take some time.