Match moving in Blender

Can Blender (or a free / open source app) infer the 3D movement of a camera from real video footage? If so, please can you point me in the direction of more information?

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Try Voodoo. It exports to Blender.

OMG. That is cool. That is SOOO cool. Thanks loads!

(I’ll update the WikiPedia article on “match moving” to link to Voodoo)


you could also use the free version of Icarus, do a quick google search and you will find it. However I am not sure if there is an import script for the most curent blender version.

Great, thanks.

Which is better? Icarus or Voodoo? As I understand it, Voodoo is newer whilst Icarus is no longer being developed. Is that correct?


Icarus is more powerful and you can do more with it, however it now costs money, but you can still find the free version if you know where to look.