Match Pipe Width

While working on a minigolf game, I needed to model a pipe as border for each lane.
This addon automates the process of creating pipes with a uniform width. I’m using it with the Quick Pipe addon.

The Problem

When you create a beveled 3D Path, it usually has non-parallel edges near corners, because all edge loops have the same radius.

The Solution

By adjusting the corners, the radius of the segments between the corners can be made uniform across the whole pipe. This process requires converting the curve into a mesh.


Download Addon: (4.8 KB)

Known Issues:

  • Only works with paths, not bezier-curves
  • Requires the pivot point to be “Median Point”
  • Converts the path to a mesh
  • Skips the merged start/end point when the path is closed


Thx very usefull!

Thank you for the wonderful script.
I updated it to 2.8 (4.8 KB)