matchbox air ;)

hi :slight_smile: ,

i made this for a contest on . i think i won’t change the pic, because of my weak pc and the looong rendertimes :frowning:

well, i hope you like it :slight_smile: . blender 2.34 and zBlur.


I like it! It’s a good idea and the mini-machine looks very good.

I think the gears material is a bit too shiny and the matches look very fragile and too long to fit into the box :D, but it’s not that important. Good use of zBlur.

Beautifully modelled. Textures are great as well.

The noise seems to be a little excessive IMO, but that is all that I don’t like. But I don’t like lots of noise in renders as a personal thing.


i think it is great! i love the original idea (or atleast recently as i don’t remember one like this before! :wink: ) the whole image looks like it was post production edited which is the reason (atleast it would seem) for the excess “noise”. The blur is very good and the modeling is perfect! the metal as already said could use some material tweaking or perhaps it is the texture has problems! all around:

good job!

Ok, you’ve definately passed the line between software user and artist. Any idiot can use a 3D m0deler but to use it to make something so beautiful, that is an artist.

Great composition.

Excellent idea, and realisation. There is just a little too much noise at the level of the wheels maybe, but the rest is perfect.

Awesome work. I like the touch of the coins for scale. :slight_smile:

That’s so cool. I love it!

Very good use of a common object, reflection and transparency on some of the things on there could be a little clearer.

thanks for the comments guys :smiley: !

i now it’s a little bit noisy (low AO samples), but i’ll change that.
it looks like the matches are too long, but they aren’t ;), i’ll post a screenshot of that soon.


So much of this works for me.
One of things that impresses me is the original concept behind this.
Some people have the ability to see a complete picture in their head and these people often make great artists.

As mentioned before, the materials on the cogs etc…
To me it looks like a render quality issue which was probably affected by the limitations on your machine. It would be a shame not to improve this as it deserves a really good render.

Other than that - the texturing is great. I love how the matchbox looks a bit older and used. The slight distortion of shape along the bottom edge for example - the discoloration.

I could gush about this quite a bit but I’d like to gush more after the problems with it are fixed.


really good looking, but needs to be softened.

That’s awesome! Wonderful! Beautifully Great Job!

I couldn’t agree more with Caleb72. Good job.

very nice, the texturing and deformations on the box are top notch.
Shows a real mastery of the program and the inner eye and spacial quantities.

ok, so that second part was crap.

great work on the lighting and textures- I’m esp. impressed with the texture and shape of the matchbox, it really looks like an old matchbox that has taken some water damage. everything has a convincing feel to it, and I really like the composition and subject.
I agree about the noise, but its a minor distraction.
those coins in the distance are great too.

Excelent work :slight_smile:

wow very good picture!

a wee bit less noise and that’s PERFECTLY photorealistic. Great Job :smiley:

I agree, turn up samples and you’ll have a photo :wink:

Very cool!

PS: I just love your avatar, nastacc! :smiley: