My test of photorealismus
I will improve paper(model),matches(bumpmaps),lighting.

This is really nice, great use of B&W which increases the realism. You are right, some more bump mapping on the box paper would increase the phorealism. Once again, congrats.

Very impresive, cant wait to see final render :wink:

Yes that does look good.

Are all the matches the same model duplicated?

add some bumps on paper and 2 test of dof (maybe better)
jda:3 models of matches, duplicate

currious, are you useing the zblur plugin for the DoF, or is it post pro’d with Photoshop or something? The DoF on the front corner looks very akward on the focal transition. The render is beautiful though and very impressive.

BrianH:first post Zblur, second and third image 2d editor

this is very nice…i at first thought it was a photograph !


compromis of 2 second dof version in first post