matchbox23 **UPDATE** -> 1st post!


what’s up, fellow blenderheads?
yes… i’m still here… it’s been pretty quiet around me, i know.
just wanted to let u all know that i am still blending around g

here is one of my latest projects:

old version removed

any opinions or tips for improvement?
oh yeah… no post-prod. done… just added the black strips and the text in photoshop… the rest is pure blender output :smiley:

here’s the new version:

changed the saturation of the grass
added some burnt matches (still have to work on those i guess)
worked on the ground (better resolution, better bumpmap)
made the caterpillar bigger
changed the color of the roots (they are still missing some good bump map though)
added some leafs
added some ripples to the water
realigned the matches a little

well… i guess that was all… hope u like it.
and i’m still open to tips. :smiley:

Dayum! That might be the best grass I’ve ever seen! The leaves too!

Those brown… vines, are they? Those are the sole things in this picture which may leave something to be desired… they seem textureless.

Otherwise else, fantastic! I hope I see more things from you :slight_smile:

In my opinion the coloring of the match box itself is over-saturated. Tone it down a little bit and they will match the rest of the scene. My example: The red of the match heads is blinding but the green of the grass is subtle. Just an observation. But wow… this is wonderful to look at :slight_smile: Just another artist who is fantastic at what they do! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

The matches and matchbox look fantastic! Not so sure about the ground and worms though, the worms are alot pinker.
The ground texture looks a little low-res, and the edge of it is a little shapr. Try making it a bit more rough and rounded.
But over all it looks great :smiley:

I think it’s a nice picture but I must say this … just everything looks very much out of proportion …

The worms look like snakes, the caterpillar is too small and is that a written letter in a matchbox ? The grass should be much longer in comparison to a matchbox …

Anyway… I DO think that it looks good but my crits are the above a.s.o.


lookin’ good. the box is excellent! the matches them self could do better foe example they could be more close and tight, and the wood material don’t look very good. Over all it’s an excellent work!

same here.

Good job.

A few crits:

The wood, as has already been mentioned, is a bit strange, it looks too yellow to me, lighten it up a bit.

The texture on the box seems a little too blury, maybe a higher resolution texture?

I also think that if there were a couple of burnt matches inside the box it would do the scene good, but thats just my opinion.

At the bottom right of the image, is that water? If it is, a ripple or two would make it more obvious.

The texture of the ground is also blury, higher resolution texture should fix that aswell,

Everything els looks good, the grass esspecially :slight_smile:

Good job.


tnx for all the nice and helpfull replies so far :smiley:

thanks :slight_smile:
i used the excellent fiber2 script to make the grass.

the saturation on the box should make it stand out a little… but i guess it’s a little overdone/unbalanced, as u said… g… gonna do something about it.

i used a pretty high-res texture for the ground… but i see the same thing… looks pretty low-res… i gonna try to fix this :slight_smile:
and… the worms arent worms but branches/roots of an ivy plant. hence the leafs… hehe.
i guess i have to make that more obvious… u are not the first one to see ‘worms’… g

same here about the “worms”… they are supposed to be branches of an ivy. i really got to do something about them i guess… :smiley:
the caterpillar really seems too small… and the letter should be just a tiny paper (as u use it to note telephone numbers or things to remember on quickly).

yeah… i’m not happy with the matches either… the color is definatly the point to start with… g

same as to @ner… hehe

the resolution is big enough i guess… it’s a 2048x2048 uv-map i made in photoshop… same for the ground… i guess it’s the glow effect, that makes them look kindof lowres… gotta play with that a little to find out.
i’ve also had the idea with the burnt matches… i think i gonna add some. :smiley:
and about the water: yes… it should be water… i had some more ripples in it… but it looked so unnatural… where should the ripples come from= doesn’t look like a windy place there… hehe… but a few would do good… i have to agree :slight_smile:

well… thanks all for your kind words and constructive criticism… i appreciate that :smiley:

update is on its way.

Looking good, but obviously there are a lot of problems. As md01 mentioned everything is out of proportion, mainly the matchbox and the grass, I think you should either make the grass larger or make the matchbox smaller.

Also, if the matches were lying there all that time the heads would’ve turned light pink and they would’ve shrunk too.

Also, the roots don’t look anything like worms. :expressionless: But they could use some work though.

Wow kerosene! Awesome render. I agree about the grass. Looks great. The matchbox is amlittle oversaturated, but that is a minor issue.

Just a great render man. Glad to see you still here too. It’s been a while. :wink:



well… i’ve updated the pic in the 1st post.
have a look and tell me what u think :slight_smile:

and… hey BgDM: yeah… it’s been a while… great to be back and see some old “faces” around here. :smiley:

I like it a lot. I like to use Blender to zoom onto smaller worlds.
Keep on the good work.


Lovely piece.

A small amount of DOF could help when making ‘macro-shots’ like this one.