Matching an images perspective

I want to add some CGI elements in to some still photographs I’ve taken of a model. How do I go about matching the perspective of the stills so my blender elements will aline with flat walls and angles etc. Also for lighting can y’all point me to good vids or threads on HDRI lighting so my CGI matches the real photographed scene?

The BLAM add-on should definitively interest you:

Yes I found that thank you. I am having trouble though with it. I was working along side the video instruction until ti came to a point where after drawing grease pencil lines on the background photograph I am supposed to assign axiis to the lines I drew, I don’t know what screen they went to in the video to do this, there are other things in that same dialog like tracking and static camera calibration but I can’t find where in the GUI to go for this. And running the script has done nothing at this point.

I assume you’re working in the Movie Clip Editor, and you have installed and enabled the addon.

I don’t have that in my addons. And I do have 2.66 where can I download the addon?
Nevermind… scripts are addons…

I did it but… it made the camera at a weird angle and set the focal length to 161, however the photo was shot with a 50mm lens. And it doesn’t seem to align properly with the vanishing points.

Can you post the scene file or at least the image?

Ok I got it to work, however the only way I’ve found to make the background stay in the final render is to use the worlds texture dialog, however I also need that texture space to make HDR lighting so my scene looks real when mixed with the background photograph. Is there any other way to make my photograph stick in the background with my final render?