Matching Blender Camera, to real camera

Hi, I’m trying to make an animation where my front door explodes (just 'cause I’m bored), and I’ve taken some video of me running away and such, and the problem I have now, is that I can’t quite get blender’s camera to match the footage I have taken. Luckily the camera is completely still throughout the whole animation.

Does anybody out there know any good techniques for this?

Open two 3D windows, set one to camera view, the other to whatever view is needed to properly position your objects. Set the camera view to use a background image of your footage, then after everything is aproximately positioned start playing with the camera’s lens settings until you get a good perspective match, finally making any final adjustments to the location, rotation, and scale of your objects.

Dang, that’s what I was doing. Problem is I don’t know what the lens of the video camera is. I’m gonna try to figure it out later today.

What I’m doing is creating the basic geometry in Blender, and then moving it over to lightwave (because I can’t stand lightwaves modeller), then I just can’t get the camera to match up in lightwave. And in lightwave, if I want to make some adjustments to the model, I have to go into a totally different program (modeller) then move the stuff there (by guessing cause the background pic is in the Layout program.) Such a f***ed up system. Enough to make you cry…

I know nothing about Lightwave but if it has textured view like Blender does then you could just create a plane that fills the camera view and map the background image to it and try adjusting from there.

If you can get everything close in Blender (including the camera, I think) then IdeasMan42’s FBX exporter script just might be the thing for you. The last paragraph of post #69 in the folowing link mentions lightwave’s camera. I don’t think it was working properly at the time but Ideasman seems to be able to always get things to cooperate:

BLIX - Camera calibration for Blender


Read the documentation

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I have a question to. If the camera isnt completely still, what would you do to match the camera? If it’s motion tracking, couldn’t you use Icarus?

Icarus is old, slow, and unsupported. Voodoo is under current development but I think it may be for windoze only. Check their site because it’s an ongoing student project at university of hannover, I think.