Matching branding material. Lighting issue?

Hey guys/gals!

I’m trying to do a project where I need to match up a logo, motion graphics wise, with brand guidelines. So while the logo/object is 3d, deforming, swooshing around etc. it still should have the same ‘colour’ when it finally settles down into the brand identity portion at the end. So for instance, if it’s the Starbucks logo, it needs to be pretty much hex #04693d or it’s off brand. But it MAY go in and out of a spotlight, so the colours will shift until the end of the animation.

Anyone know a good way of doing this?

I mean, I’m not 100% sure I understand. I guess I don’t understand the idea of a logo coming in and out of a spotlight without changing colors (I believe there are multiple ways to achieve that, but I just don’t understand why that would be part of the guidelines). That being said, here is a way to achieve that.

I don’t know if the logo you are working with is a 3D object or is a logo mapped onto a plane, but the only difference would be that a logo mapped onto a plane is going to have to account for alpha. But what you’ll want to do is to create a material that is an Emission shader, set the color to match that of your logo (or if it is a mapped image, plug that image into the Color input of the shader), and set the strength to 1.0. That’s it. Your only concern might be if there is motion blur - then you’ll have some parts of the logo that blur so that the background shows through, and that, of course will not be the correct brand color.

Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Hmm… interesting… I was kinda wondering about emission shaders as well. I used one for a green screen (solid and nice) as well as a totally ‘white’ backdrop, so yeah. I never thought of it for the logo itself.

I guess if the logo were flying around (basically an SVG shape with perhaps a solidify modifier to give it some depth), it could have a material with a mix shader? So it could have lets say a green, at 50% mixed with the green emission shader… then when it finished flying through spotlights etc, then as it does the final logo pass, then the emission shader would be keyframed up to 100%.

That sounds like a perfectly acceptable approach! The cool thing about the keyframing approach is that you can mix to the exact level of whatever shaders with to-the-frame accuracy. Let us know how it turns out for you!

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@Hunkadoodle, I also do have another client who has a gradient in their logo. Orange to Red… How do I setup an emission shader with a gradient?


Well, Blender’s built-in tool for making gradients is called the Color Ramp node. Implementing it may be harder depending on what exactly the logo looks like.

Here’s the manual page for the Color Ramp node:

Yes, been playing around with the colour ramp, but I didn’t know you could have an ‘emission’ colour ramp?