Matching colours in blender...

I’m working on a cereal bowl, which I will be compositing onto a box design which I’m creating in photoshop. At the moment I’ve put the bowl onto a surface, whose colour I’ve set to the same hex value as the background colour in photoshop, and also put a plane behind the scene using the same material. However, obviously these don’t match the original colour in the final render due to variations in lighting etc. Is there a way to make these planes render as a flat colour, but still be affected by shadows etc?

Maybe try 2 renders, one with the material set to shadeless to eliminate shading altogether, and another with normal shading. You could blend these together in photoshop or with the composite nodes in blender to get a happy medium.

Another trick would be to render the original as shadeless, but also render another as shadow only with the ztrans button enabled to catch your shadows. I’m not sure if you are talking about images on planes or 3d geometry, so that might not work for you depending on the application.

I’m thinking that what I want to do is probably not possible, so I’ll just put it photoshop and see how well I can blend it into the background. We shall see…

Put a “only shadow” plane under the bowl, and use world color for the rest.


Aha, good plan for the surface, however, I want a blue colour in the sky in order to give those nice reflections on the spoon…

Also, how do you set a material to ‘only shadow’ ?

Under the shader tab in your material , click ‘Onlyshad’ and that will cause the plane to only show shadow. Enable Ztras in your material’s link and pipeline tab.

If you want to use the world color for just the reflections, in your render panel choose and output that supports alpha transparency, enable ‘rgba’ and click ‘premul’ to get a render that only renders your objects and your shadow enabled plane. Then you can use photoshop to get your constant color in it’s own layer.

Or use two plans, one for shadow and a second background “no shadow” one for color.

You could use a blue light or a blue (emmitter)plane to reflect blue onto the spoon.