Matching object angles

newbee blender here 1 week in. (loving it by the way) Is there a way to easily get on object to match the angle of another object, instead of trial and error. I think theres probably an easy solution but i cant find one. eg - putting a ridge capping on a hip end roof.
Any help would be greatly appriciated.

There’s no reading of the angle between two faces available AFAIK.
You can find it in an indirect manner using and EdgeSplit modifier on top of a Subsurf modifier: while playing with the Split angle you’ll easily see the faces split. That angle is between the normals of the faces; add 90 degrees and you have the angle between the faces themselves on the concave side.

With that you can construct you capping. The angle between two edges connected with a face can be displaye when these are selected by checking the Edge Angles button in the Mesh Tools 1 panel of the Edit context.

Now that is precise to 0.01th of a degree. Other methods, more geometric exists but the are less direct I’d say.

Your turn.


Thanks for the response Jean
I will have to take in what you said, and work through it. (Blender is very different for me, used to Autocad) The edge angles button looks interesting, I will see what i can come up with.

Duplicate the top faces of the roof and P >> All Loose Parts if you want a seperate object.



When i hit P is seems to freeze blender, am I doing something wrong. I can see where you are going and i should of thought of it. Thanks for the help.


Solved P key problem, wasn’t in edit mode…

P in Object mode is Play for the GameEngine.


Blender’s origin and culture are far away from CAD. From time to time one useful tool for archiviz comes along, like the lens shifting, the caliper script, the BMAE script but, as a rule, architectural models are easier to model somewhere else. Then that model can be imported in Blender for visualisation.

Well, that’s what I should do anyway but I am just too used to Blender and I do most of my modeling in it, with precision. The process is sometimes labyrinthine but hey, I use the US measurement system too. :wink: