Matching the camera view to an image of the model + other camera related question

Hi everyone, I’ll try to explain what I’m trying to do as best as I can. (I grouped my three images as one since I could only post one)
I’m working with three programs: Blender, Sketchup and Autocad. The goal is to have a perspective cross-section in autocad that blends in a cycles render where the building isn’t cut (the things we do for an architecture degree amiright). I had three steps in mind:

  • Make the model on blender
  • Import it in sketchup to make a cross-section and export the lines in autocad
  • Mix both the render and the 2D autocad drawing in a glorious and mesmerizing creature

It was all going well until I switched back to Blender to proceed with the renders. I tried to match sketchup’s camera in blender for hours to no avail, using the same focal lens, changing the sensor size, matching the exact position of sketchup’s camera in blender, rotating and moving it around locking the Z axis with the sketchup image as a background image to my camera view, nothing does it.

As a reference, here is the sketchup image:
[See first image below]

And here the closest I’ve been to matching it:
[See second image below]

But it turns out it wasn’t nearly good enough when I tried to mix both of them in post.

Could anyone have a good idea as to whether or not there’s a good solution to my problem?

I also had a question concerning camera clipping, would there be a way to set a clipping distance on one camera and render the result through another one?
This is what I’ve been trying to do:
[See third image below]

Right now the clipping is associated to the camera in charge of the render, but I’d like to have the model sectioned on a different plan than the one I’m aligned to.

Thanks a lot if someone considers helping me !

Hmmm . . . there are addons for matching the perspective of a photo - have a look at


They should work for matching the perspective of something created in another 3D program as well.

Thank you, I’ll check it out.
I already tried using fSpy but I didn’t really figure out the best way to use it.
I’ll let you know how it goes.