Matching the references

Hi there, I am looking for some feedback or opinions about how can I improve my work, I´m not furniture modeling expert but I want to achieve results closer to the references I take for modeling.

I hope you can give me some tips to get better and get more realistic ressults show me in the other hand what aspects am I wrong.

This is an example of a couch I modeled recently.

Not bad at all, the only thing that jumped out to me was not enough wrinkling around the buttons on the back fabric. Your model looks a little more like a leather couch than a fabric one.

The pattern of the object is small and there is a difference in volume, but it seems to have a good shape.

Thanks guys, after looking for some references I noticed some mistakes I did in that model, so I decided to do it again from scratch.


Looks great!

Might I recommend using multires modifier, taking the model to sculpt, and using the different cloth brushes to add final wrinkles to the pillows, as well as around the seams of the couch.

all in all this is a great looking couch, keep it up!