Matchmove 3D composite with Ocean sim.

Hey guys, here’s a matchmove that I did a few days ago.
I thought about having to roto the scene to comp in the Ocean Sim and quickly abandoned that notion. Instead, I modeled the geometry from the front porch and used Gimp to texture the model with stills taken from the live footage. Hope you like it. :smiley:

This is really impressive. Great job. Any chance for a tutorial?

Cool, but if you modeled the part of the porch in the shot, then what part of it is from the original footage? Of course the tracking data certainly would have helped to reconstruct the scene.

Not enough spray floodlighting veranda

Somthing like that, but smaller

I think dinamic paint and particles can do this.

P.S. your scene looks cool:yes:

@Afir I agree but the ocean sim is not an actual fluid simulation

To create a splash effect you would need to use the fluid simulator

It seems like your water cuts off halfway to the horizon.