Matchmove is bouncing

Hi everyone,
On the present shot I’m matchmoving I have a solve error of .1894, but when I render out a test and do some compositing the object bounces up and down by small amounts all the way through the shot :frowning: It looks like it’s on a small bungee cord :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone give me some tips for getting it perfect?

Are you using nodes to composite? Have you looked at the Movie Clip’s graph? Perhaps there is a lot of noise in the track. Is it an interlaced video? maybe you need to deinterlace first?

Nope (imported as EXR’s in Nuke).
Yep, didn’t make a huge difference.
Not much, and all of the markers have tracking errors of less than .3.
I’m pretty sure it’s not interlaced.

EDIT: Here’s the current state of it:

Lots of lens distortion could that be a problem?

looks like a problem with frame offset to me. make sure start frames align

@ 3pointEdit: I doubt it, I’ve already adjusted the K1+focal length to get the best solve.
@ sebastian_k: I think it’s a little bit better. When I enabled a couple more frames the solve error went from .1734 to .1706 :slight_smile:

After adjusting the frames: