Matchmoving - digital focal length conversion

Hi there

I have a nice picture snapped with my Sony Ericsson W850i phone. I want to model a scene of it.

To match the camera in Blender(or Maya) I think I need the focal length which is 3.86mm converted to a standard film size e.g. 35mm. Is there a formula or chart for this?

It would be nice to find out the sensor size so I could match the film back. Any ideas how? I’m not having much success with Google.

thanks in advance

Ya know, a 4mm lens is like super super wide angle…so it cant be. Maybe like a 38.4mm.There might be photo-processing software that corrects it to make it look normal, though, so any conversion you do doesn’t matter since it is software-massaged.

Anyway, my idea would be that the easiest thing to do is to take a controlled picture, like of known size objects on your dining room table, taken from an exact spot. Then Take another pic from a different exact spot. Model that scene in Blender. Then match up to your background image, adjusting Blender’s camera to give a match of the real vs virtual world.

Use this script to add all the functions you could possibly need to match your real world lens to Blender’s camera lens.


thanks for the advice and links

hopefully I’ll post a WIP soon and we can see my camera matching skillz - or rather you won’t notice them :wink: