Matchmoving-fun: "Old School Drawer"

Here’s yet another matchmoving exercise with Syntheyes and Blender:

Credits go to Marcell Mato for the graffiti-logo, which I used without asking. Shame on me!
(hope that’s ok marcell?).
Have fun!


really cool!

wow, man! looks impressive. Good results :wink:

Very nice work! It looks perfect to me, I had to watch it several times to see any imperfections at all. You should consider doing a tutorial of your techniques, forgive me if you already have. Definitely professional results IMO.

Yeah, a tutorial is in the making, although it will be a commercial one on cmiVFX. It will be about tracking, stabilizing and exporting a handheld and a tripod shot, and then, as a separate but related part, compositing that shot with Blender’s compositor. So stay tuned! :yes: