Matchmoving support (no relevant forum)

if there is a forum please move me, thanks.

Question 1:

What, in peoples experience is a good/acceptable solve error for blender match moving?

I obviously try to keep things minimal, currently my solve error is 1.8323, have managed to get it down from 2.02 by painstaking process of elimination and refinement. this footage is proving more irksome then i thought it would be, lucky though its only test footage. shot on a 5d.

just looking for some feedback and personal experience.

Question 2: Other then the camera data and keyframe i tend not to mess around too much, will have to put some time in experimenting properly, but can anyone give me a heads up on some useful functions? are there any great features im missing out on?

Question 3: if your tracks are not totally clean cut (floor, walls etc) are there any good tricks for aligning your scene with the footage? at the moment i rotate everything around the origin with the 3d cursor to aline the grid as best i can when i cant use the reconstruction options very easily.


1.00 or less is the ideal, but passable at 2.00 I believe (haven’t done much lately). The distortion can affect the solve alot as can sliding markers. Also you really need to get the field of view right, that is sensor to lens length. So if you shoot with a zoom the reported length may differ from the actual length.

Remember to try and build in plenty of parralax change so that the tracker can work out depth easily.