Matchstick Girl - Guru WIP

Inspiration hit me as i sat down today… i wasn’t planning to enter this, but here goes…



Snow and light test.

Going to do something I have been meaning to do for a while: final image is a clay render with lights used to colour.


Wall test.


Interesting. Let’s see where this goes to :slight_smile:

I love this tale like many others of Hans Christian Andersen. Very nice to see this in a scene! In which time is you scene playing? The setting and the walls look like mediaeval walls. But that does not mean, that we are in the middle ages, right?

Victorian (if that term applies outside the UK) setting. the walls are like that because they were the first texture to hand, i just wanted to get a sense of what it would be like with only a normal map on the walls.

Saying that, many walls in cities of the time this was written would probably been medieval. They will change at some point though.

Blocking out the building in a bit more detail.

The lattice modifier will be my friend in this render, i feel.


Test to see if the lattice modifier will get the results i want once i start to add more detail. I’m fairly happy with this. I may need to apply the lattice mod once i’m 100% happy with it and then clean up afterwards (gaps in wooden planks etc.)

looks like i may be heading in a more medieval direction… But hopefully the clock at the back with bring it forward time wise…


I’m loving the colors your using me Monk…reminds me a little of this other place I know :slight_smile:

So are you using the latice modifier to “bend” the buildings?

Cheers Harley. Yep, i’m trying to get away from the perfectly straight lines that plague CG too often (mine included). I discovered the lattice modifier a while ago and have been meaning to use it like this for some time.

Here is an update with most of the foreground buildings done. There are some bits to tweak and i’m planning to add little details, but it is starting to come together.


I dig the gel lighting. Been watching a lot of original star trek for the project I am working on and hadn’t noticed how much gel lighting they used in the show. Color is so important in a scene. I love how you are using it right now.

It would be kind of interesting to see how you are setting up your lighting. Will the glass window material remain like they are?

Cheers guys. I’ll grab a screen shot after my next render is done, but the lighting is fairly simple. Just a few planes with strong colours and a UV sphere in the middle.

Here is an update


Hm, I’m confused. While you like the colors, Harleyut, I’m thinking that I see the purple color of missing textures. But if a HDRI is missing everything would be in purple light.

I’m personally fascinated by the idea to use the lattice modifier like this. This is a very good result.

haha. good point about the missing texture colour… but then as i had,t used a single diffuse texture in this i suppose it fits.

Here is

  1. A screen shot showing lighting
  2. A quick render without (most of) the lattice mods to compare
    3)A lighting test, adding a bit more red to the scene.

Harley: The windows are staying, or at least that was the plan. Do you think they need changing?


The windows are staying, or at least that was the plan. Do you think they need changing?

No, I had forgotten that you were doing the clay thing…you definitely need windows, I just didn’t see any reflections off of them from the lights. Thanks for posting the light breakdown.

That last window you put in, in the background up high on the left. Was there a particular reason you put it there or just to fill in negative space? I just wonder because to me, that wall didn’t need the window. Nothing wrong with negative space. Also, up those stairs is begging for another light source.

Edit: Everything in the image is leading me up the stairs, except that little window you put in. It is like a stop sign. I know your lamp post extends out to illuminate the stairs. But how would you feel if it were pushed over a bit and some other light source was up there. A small window perhaps. The wall might need something, but I would consider the linear perspective thing you have going here and not put something there to break that.

Thanks for the input guys.

PColapat: i see what you are saying, but that made me realise that the focus was in the wrong place, the idea was for the focus to be before the stairs not after it. So i have put in a gate and change the lighting.

I’ve also had a go at the girl. I think she is a bit dark at the moment. I’ll have to lighten her up.

Oh, and at some point during todays work i managed to delete a house. I have no idea how. Very annoying. I’ve put a place holder in for now.


Damn Monk…how do you lose a whole house? … I told ya to lock the door :slight_smile:

I definitely agree that you’ll have to work on the girl after the recent changes. Because now the huge gate is some sort of hero character in the scene. It draws a lot of attention onto itself. I don’t know if that was intended. But if one applies the rule of thirds the keyhole is roughly at one of the intersections. This again emphasizes the gate.