Mate glass lamp material - need help

Hi, I’m trying to make this mate glass material in cycles.
First I mixed glass with transparent, but lamps looked too dark (they have solidify modifier and I don’t want to change the light setup, because it works well for the rest of my scene). Then I tried to fake it by adding an emission shader, but it become look worse.
Can anyone help me?


Where is real world example?

first photo

For dark results, you can use Multiscatter GGX rather than GGX.

VMATS has this type materials:


VMATS - Glass Material Library

You could try something like this, roughness values can use some tweaking depending on scene lighting.

I found this topic Milky Glass Shader Cycles and it kind of worked for me.

Thanks everyone for replies

Generally I use Facing Power 5 Add 0.05 to mix between Transparent and sharp Glossy for architectural glass panes. That gives you good enough fresnel and fresnel based shadows. In a case like this I would just go easy, and disregard solidity of the multiple layers of glass you have and go with a single glass sphere with above material except; use refraction instead of transparent, ignore shadows (will likely be opaque in this case), and switch glossy to use multiscatter if the glossy roughness is high enough to cause noticeable brightness reduction (your reference glossy doesn’t look that rough though, although the refraction appears to have higher roughness). Use Geometry/Incoming as the refraction normal. If the object has a wall thickness (like in real life but I recommend against it here), use normal fresnel to do the mixing and don’t use Geometry/Incoming.

If you have to show a sphere inside, you need to prevent the normally opaque refraction shader to cause shadows. In reality it would be translucent, allowing light to pass to the backside or rely on caustics for light transport, but I would just use Light Path/Is Shadow Ray to mix in a not fully white transparent shader.