Material and Texture creation?


i want to make or start to make textures for the Game i’m creating.
I will use Unity to create the Game, so i don’t have to do evertyhing on my own.

Yeah, i’m making a TD (Tower Defense) Game and so i may will have to create some. Stone, Creeps, Grass? and maybe some other textures. Yeah, most of the towers will have some stone like look i thing or something like that.

Yeah, how could it start that in the best way? I know that i need a 2D application for it like Gimp, Photshop or any other 2D Application. But that’s all and i don’t know aynthing else about creating them and which keywords are there to find good tutorials or basics? My native language is not english. :wink:

I don’t even know what the difference is between a Material and a Texture. If anyone could describe me the basics and what i should take care off, that would be really cool and if anyone has good Tutorials or Tipps, that would also be really good.

I already know one site for textures (cgtextures) but are their any other good sites for them? I don’t create them all i think. :wink:

does no one has any hint for me?
Not even keywords i can use for search?

Google “blender basic tutorials” and “blender create game assets tutorials”