Material animation in blender for the game engine

Hi everyone…i am new to blender.i would like to animate a material in for the bge…plz can sum1 give the link of where i could find such tutorials and provide me wit any relevant information…thnx in advance
There is tut for material animation here

What do you mean “material animation”? What are you trying to do? And hello.

I mean I want to create a material which I can animate to change colours…I am actually trying to create a traffic light…my problem is tht wen I insert keyframes in material panel I dont get the animation in the action editor…tnx

I want to create a material ipo tht can change colour at certain frames so that I can use it in the bge

OK, there’s no such thing as IPOs anymore - there’s just Actions.

You can press the I key on the Object Color picker in the Object tab to create keyframes to animate the color of an object.

I don’t believe there’s any ability to animate the individual diffuse or specular colors in the material anymore.

@SolarLune, I just discovered that you can use lamp data node with color input. And it’s possible to un-tick diffuse and specularity for the a point lamp so it almost acts as an empty (just did a benchmark, it doesn’t eat performance at all with diffuse and specularity unchecked). It’s possible to keyframe it or change it vie Python.

Thank you all…