Material animation using IPO curve

My question is:
Is there a way to make a mesh to change its materials (object material) using IPO editor.

I have defined my own materials outside blender and wrote a script which brings a list of my materials to “Links and Pipeline” menu in the Buttons panel view. I can successfully assign my materials to objects but once I change the material to a different one in different IPO frame, blender takes the last one and ignore the previous ones which I assigned on different frames to the same object.

I just want for my object to have different material name on different IPO frames. I don’t care about the color or any of the other variables of the material.

Any solution to this?
You help is appreciated. Thanks

As far as I know you can’t change material names using IPO curves. If you have your imported material on your object and have a keyframe for it, you need to go to another frame and then change the material settings for that material and keyframe those new settings.

Alank, I don’t want to change the setting of my material. What I would like to do is that for each frame manually add a different material for the same object. But blender is taking only the last material I added and apply it for all frames.

As AlanK says, you cannot keyframe material changes the way you want.

You could try using 2.5; it looks like you can keyframe the active material index and so you should be able to change materials.

In 2.5 you can change the active material if you have multiple materials applied to a model which was my first thought, but you would then need to assign the material to your objects faces as well which I tried and couldn’t do with keyframes.