Material Applier

The add-on helps managing PBR materials.


  • Import
  • Convert
  • Untiling

  • Triplanar
  • Height blend

  • Detail blend

  • Image range normalization
  • Settings management
  • Extra nodes
  • Others



Wow! This looks like a really amazing addon!
Just wondering, are there any significant performance impacts from using these large node groups compared to just a principled bsdf?
Thanks for sharing!

Whyyyyyyy ? Just why didn’t i find this post earlier… I just remade a whole castle with Masonry addon… i’m gonna cry :’(

This should be in official Blender build !

It depends. The focus was on quality and control. Triplanar is expensive. Only the untiling - 20-40%.

Sure, stacking up materials will quickly add up to being heavy on performance My laptop is stressed. GTX 760m and i7 4700HQ are not enough. I can’t do precise tests because of thermal throttling.

The add-on probably will be merged.


Wow, thanks for the great answer!
Honestly, it’s probably worth it for the enormous amount of control it gives you (And that untiling is just amazing!)
Thanks again!

Merged with? “Library tool”?