Material applies to object instead of selection

Hello there ! I’m having an issue with materials.

I would like to apply an emission shader on a specific part of my sci-fi orb but everytime I assign the material to a face selection, Blender applies it to the whole object. It’s been driving nuts for a long time now and I don’t now what to do. Could you guys please help me ?

The render engine I’m using is Eevee by the way, but I’m not sure that it


You can apply it to one face only, but then you also need another material for the rest of the object. Otherwise the unassigned faces defaults to the only material there is. Inverse the selection, create a new material, and apply. This will probably solve it.


It looks like you have only one material on the object. You need at least two materials if you want to have some faces with a different material. Here’s some info from the manual:

By default objects only have a single material slot, which assigns a material to the entire object. If different parts of the mesh need different materials, multiple material slots can be created.

Edit: cheers @Squaid :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone ! It worked perfectly :slight_smile: