Material Assign Has a Bug or Something.

When I select the ‘material’ section to create a new material only one side of an object with all sides selected gets the material assigned to it and whenever I select another portion of that same object and try to put a new material on it, it overtakes the old material and the material keeps assigning to the whole object and not just to the selected portion :confused: :mad:

The first material you add gt applied to the whole object as a base material. Add another material, in edit mode select the faces you want this second material to be applied to and press the Apply button below the material list. This will apply the selected material to the selected faces.

Ok, I’ve tried that but it still doesn’t work :spin: I’ve tried to post a video for you to better understand… [video][/video]

You are not adding another material to the object. The materials linked to the object are in the list above, you are replacing the materials material of the object :smiley:
Now that I say it it feels kind of odd, never gave it much thought…

Think of it as an object-material-slot and materials.

You have a cube with 1 object material slot.
You have 1 material in that slot from a global amount of materials. In your case a blue one.
Then you add a second material to this global library of materials (you don´t add another material slot to the object) and create a green material. After that you place this green material in the objects only material slot, overriding the blue material that was in there.

What you want is to add another material slot to the object. It is done by the + icon next to the top list.
Once you have done that, you select the first material-slot, apply it to the faces you want. Invert your selection, select the second material-slot and apply it to the inverted selection.
Now you can select the “material-slots” and insert any material from the popup-menu you used.

Ok, I see. Thanks a lot I really needed that one.