material blend

  1. i have 2 materials. glass & metal.

2.i have a tube.(i’m gonna put it on a human arm though.)

3.i’d like to have the glass fade into the metal.

4.doing this over an animation would also be nice.

this sounds like a job for material ipos… set up the glass material and add a keyframe for everything which will change with the metal settings… then go ahead a few frames, and change the material settings to what you want the metal to look like. add all aplicable keyframes. how’s that work?

no… imean like a gradient between thge two…

(sorry if i don’t reply for awhile, i’m on my freinds comp cause mine is pretty much f*cked)

I just put this tutorial online on a few minutes ago:
-Tutorial: using texture Stencils
I think it’s exactly what you are looking for… :wink:
Remember that french and english versions share the same pages, and that english is in italics.

no… i don’t wan’t to gradient between textures, but materials.

qick test i just did indicates you cant have more than one material assigned to a given vertex, so a mix of materials on a given part of the mesh (necessary to create a gradient) would not seem to be possible.

you could probably fake it with textures, have the base material of the entire arm glass and cover that with a metal texture that with a blend stencil on it to cause it to fade as it gets to the edge.

How do you propose to associate two materials to the same face ?

Is it possible to duplicate the object and have one fade out and replace it with the other (via alpha)? It’s probably a kludge… just idle thoughts…


I spent quite some time looking into this issue in the past, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible in blender right now. Each face can only have one material assigned to it, and there is no means for blending between two faces.

The closes approximation you could get would be to create two tubes, one on top of the other, that overlap each other in the middle. Assign each tube a different material. Then use a regular flat gradient as an alpha map on each of the 2 materials, so that the tube on top is increasingly transparent near the bottom, and the tube on the bottom is increasingly transparent near the top. This way the materials should fade into each other if you line up the tubes properly.

Unfortunately this is only feasible for simple shapes, with anything complex you’ll have too much trouble lining them up.

Each face can only have one texture assigned to it, and there is no means for blending between two faces.

Each face can have only one material or one UV texture, but can have more than one texture.


Yes, this is what I meant - sorry, not much sleep :slight_smile: I edited my previous post.

so you use one material, but use a blend texture to change various aspects of the material at one end, like alpha, raymirror, color, etc. as far as i can see, it can be done. maybe i’m misunderstanding the question again.