Material brightness changes depending on object direction


Can’t seem to work this one out and hoping for some help please. I’m creating the paving around a pool and wanted to give it the wet look which I managed no problem with a Puddles addon. Basically, I have four separate long cubes that have the same texture applied

What looks odd though is the change in lighting when an object is going in another direction. You can see from the screenshot that the cubes on the left and right sides are completely wet looking (darker) and have puddles but the top and bottom cubes have the puddles applied but the surrounding paving is a great deal brighter and looks dry. I was hoping for that darker wetter look all round.

Is there any reason why the cubes going left and right would change brightness?



probably an issue with normal map, show us the node layout for the material, or, better yet, drop a link to your scene and someone here will take a look

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Is the normal map set to non-color? Does it have any custom normals going on? Using a sharp glossy, does it reflect in the direction it should when it doesn’t have normal map plugged in, and does it go haywire when it gets plugged in? If so, there is some issue with the normal map. I can’t think of any other reasons.

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Thanks to the both of you. It was the normal map settings. I lowered them right down and all matched up nicely. Same thing happened again while working on numerous footpaths around the rest of the area and just moved the normal slider down lower.