material Buttons / Object

First I would like to beg your pardon because of my awul english. I would like to know something about the object button in the material buttons. I know how to use it, but I would like to have a life preview of the texture on the objekt, when moving and spinning the empty. Years ago I have seen a video tutorial on Blenderer org about it, so i know it does work, but I forgot how.

Thanks for the help.


umm, I don’t have a file to show you, but it isn’t to hard to give you an example

add a texture (not a blend or none type texture), go into the map input buttons in the material buttons, press Object, and type the name of an (a different one) object into the text box next to the object button

animate your object with that material, or the other one whose name you typed into the box, rotating, moving, scaling, whatever

and render

thanks for the answer, but this things I know allready. I want to kow how I can get a life preview of the texture on the object moving the empty without rendering the scene.