material changes in preview no color changes

In this file i would change the material color or other material to view more volume in the wardrobe with a light named hemi it is a sun…(it makes this material flat, other materials are shadeless with baking of all)
The material preview show after some changes a material like glass not a full color (the same color of the diffuse parametre but not clear).
What can I do with this problem it is a project for work, can someone help?


bad link. use pasteall.

The file is 115 MB - so much too large for pasteall…
The OP just has one “http” too much in his link. Here is the correct one: Click me.

BTW, if just the wardrobe causes trouble, why upload a gargantuan .blend of an entire house?!

I don’t know just to show the file complete to solve some material problems, Please Anyone can HELP?