material color

i have 100 and more objects with sevdral materials 3 to 8

now each object has a certain material beige color but not the same name
i can select the beige material for each object but then
is there a way to select all of then and change all these different beige to one beige material
in a few instructions



I just did a quick test. Try the following:

Assuming that you do not care which of the materials gets applied to all, select all of the objects, then press ctrl l and select material. Now all of the objects are referencing the same material as the last selection.

If you want all objects to reference a specific material, then make sure that the last object selected has the material you want. Order of selection is important, just as in creating a parent relationship.

Best of Luck!

it wokrs only with material #1 in the list

and most of the time it’s not the right material number - the one i need is most of the time at number 2

unless you have a way to select anothere material i think the only way is to make a little script to do this task which i’m looking at but pythons not easy soft !


So you are trying to change the second material index of all of the objects?

Or are you trying to change all of the objects to the same material as the #2 indes of an object. If this is the case, you could delete the first material index, so the second will now become the first.

i have let say 150 objects with differents material color

but most of them have 2 material and the one i want to change is the second one which has a sort of beige color tint

on all the object it does mean that this color is always at the scond positon in the list of material all the time
it may be somwhere else - Ex a postion 4 or 7

so i think the only way is with a script to analyse the color and take a decision to change the material function of the test on color
so as i said i’m trying to make a little script which oucld be used by othere people in the same situation


I think python is probably the solution here.
Here is some code I submitted on creating a multiple ID material. Perhaps this can get you started.

i got a french tut using material which is very good

but i got nothing up to now on how to read the different materials up to 16 on existing object

any idea how to do that and also read the RGB values and make a 3 level if ttest
to determine the color range?

Appreciate the help
python is very difficult to understand at least for me
but i’m slowly learning it with time