Material colors in game engine

From the 2.36 new features:

  • Game engine: Objects without texture faces now render in their assigned Material colors, and with lighted faces. This shows with ALT+Z textured view mode too.

I cannot get it working: I have a model without UV textures, just colored materials, but I cannot get them showing in the game engine, neither with Alt-Z. All I get is a white model… What am I missing? Is there any other setting I must enable for this to work?

OsX3 in a G4/733 - Geforce 2MX.

Thank you in advance,
Gustavo Muñoz

in solid mode what color is your model?

that is the color that will be used in the game engine, and the faces will be made light sensitive

that is all, the colors from textures don’t come into the game engine

Thanks. The problem is more this:

I hope it gets solved next release.

Gustavo Muñoz

why can’t you learn to do it manually?

after entering face select mode, you can go back to having no uvmapping and vertex colors by hitting the delete button next to the TexFace text in the edit buttons

or, if you don’t want to loose all that

to copy the colors you seen in solid mode [shift+z… shows texture colors in vertex colors] into the vertex colors of your mesh, press the make vertex colors button

to make your faces light sensitive, in face select mode select them, then press the light button [red arrow], then the copy drawmode button [blue arrow]

blender was changed to use the material colors when you haven’t entered face select mode to uvmap a mesh and stuff because people would ask why everything is white [or pink in previous releases]

Thank you very much again :slight_smile:

The Delete TexFace and then Make VertColor did the job, once I got to do it two times. The first time I tryed I got the whole model colored by just one of his material colors. Now I have it working just ok.

Gustavo Muñoz