Material control

Here’s the problem: 2 objects, A and B. Object A has material A assigned to it, and Object B has material B. I joined them together. When selected, both objects, in the materials buttons window, show material B, because object B was the active one. That’s fine. Object A still visually renders with material A, because it hasn’t been changed. Now I have separated the objects; however, object A, still assigned with material A, shows, in the buttons window, material B, as if it were still joined to object B, which it isn’t. Nothing I’ve tried will get back control of the materials for object A. Have I missed a step?

Select each Object in turn, in F9 select the Material you want for that object from the MA:Menu and click the number then choose "Make Single User.


I still can’t get it. There doesn’t seem to be a Materials (MA) Menu in f9, as you suggest. There’s reference to materials indices, but no actual menu.

Links and Materials tab, the little box left of MA:


:confused: Well, I got it, but it didn’t work quite like that. It involved making it single user, using the little F button next to OB:, then using the little box next to Mat, which didn’t give a menu, but let me tweak the material, then, in edit mode, selecting all the faces and clicking “assign.” Whew! Anyway, thanks for leading me in the right direction, Fligh.