Material copy/paste bug

Let me start by explaining what happened:

  • I append a material
  • I apply this material to a specific area of my geometry
  • I add a material slot then copy/paste the material, and modify it in order to create a variation
  • I apply the material variation to a different area of the mesh
  • Everything works fine for 2 minutes, then the material variation becomes black, after checking the material tab, I see “missing data block” everywhere.
  • I try to replace missing data blocks, they aren’t anywhere to be found, so I have to copy paste the material and modify it one more time.
  • Rinse and repeat, everything breaks after 2 minute.
  • This time I save the file while everything is working perfectly.
  • It breaks again, so I reload the file.
  • The material variation is black, while working perfectly when saved.
  • Here I am writing a new topic about this experience.

I’m using eevee and the material is mostly made of custom nodes.
The initial material that I imported doesn’t break, it’s only the one that I copy/paste that keeps breaking.

Any thoughts?

How are you ‘copying/pasting’ the material??

You should be using ‘make single-user copy’. :confused:


Where is “make single user copy”?

Instead of using ‘copy/paste’, follow these steps:

  • click on that ‘checkered ball’ dropdown to browse to the material you appended
  • with the material in the slot, click on the user count to make it a single user duplicate. (is the number right to the material’s name)

Copy and Pasting is still a bit unstable for most datablocks, so it’s allways preferable to use other methods.

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That seems to be working but usually it breaks after a while, so wait & see.
Thanks man!